Hydraulic technology of Mining

Inclined grizzlies

Improvement of the effectiveness of development of watered and underwater deposits of ore and non-metallic sands can be achieved through the use of technological complexes of extraction and processing (EPC) "pump dredge - slurry pipeline - screening installation." In the proposed version of the complex for the separation in the initial pulp of gravel, clods of clay, debris, shells, etc., an inclined grizzly is installed. Such a grizzly does not require a centralized power, water or pneumatic supply of the processing section, and the material is separated due to the kinetic energy of the moving flow conveyed by the pump dredge pulp.

We have developed a number of structural designs of inclined grizzlies, which are successfully operated as part of hydro-mechanized technological mining complexes.

Inclined grizzlies delivery set: inclined grizzly, admission unit of the original pulp, pulp collection hopper for a commodity product, guide tray of gravel, bar screens, support structure, service platform and stairs.


Inclined grizzlies short technical specification

Type of inclined grizzlyFeeding productivity, pulp, m3/hourSeparation size, mmNumber of screens, piecesAngle of screens, degreeWeight* kg
BIG 4014005-20140880
BIG 4024002980
BIG 80190011520
BIG 80290021650
BIG 1601160012030
BIG 1602160022250

* Depending on the design weight of the inclined grizzlies can be changed.