Hydraulic technology of Mining


The laboratory of the Planning and design office Hydraulic technology of Mining is equipped with a sufficient set of equipment, instruments and tools to perform the whole complex of works to determine the basic physicomechanical properties of granular materials. We carry out work on the crushing, classification, washing of minerals on laboratory and experimental industrial equipment. We develop scientifically-based recommendations on processing technology, mineral processing circuit diagrams, and processes technological regulations. We carry out surveys and audits of systems for water supply and hydrotransport of process fluids with the preparation of technical reports.


Main types of work and measurements:

• determination of humidity;

• determination of bulk density;

• determination of granulometric composition;

• determination of the amount of dust and clay particles;

• crushing and grinding;

• classification of granular materials by size (screening);

• hydraulic classification in vertical and horizontal flow;

• measurement of flow velosity and flow rate in pipelines;

• measurement of the wall thickness of pipelines, rolled and other products;

• audit of water supply systems;

• audit of process fluids hydrotransport.


Main equipment and tools:

• scales, discreteness to 0,001 g;

• sieves laboratory CL-200 with hole sizes from 0,05 to 5,0 mm;

• laboratory sieve vibration analyzer (sieve shaker);

• drying cabinet;

• laboratory glassware;

• crusher jaw, roll;

• vibrating screen;

• ball mill;

• hydraulic laboratory classifiers: vertical, horizontal single-section, horizontal multisection;

• horizontal hydraulic pilot classifiers: one-section KHH-3, two-section KHT-3;

• pumps: water, jet;

• installation for washing of sands and screenings Turbomoyka TM-3 one and two section, capacity up to 5 tons / hour;

• flow meter with a set of overhead ultrasonic sensors for measuring the velosity and flow rate of fluid in pipes with a diameter of up to 3000 mm;

• ultrasonic thickness gauge;

• laser rangefinder;

• altimeter.


We are constantly looking for opportunities to expand the range and improve the quality of our services