Hydraulic technology of Mining

Mineral resources development

We carry out development of a working design, technological design of the mineral resources development by open-cut, hydro-mechanized and underwater methods. We have extensive experience in designing mining enterprises. The design is carried out in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations. The documentation developed by us meets the requirements of the current standards and includes all stages of design:

  • feasibility study (FS);
  • technical and economic calculation (TEC);
  • schematic design (SD);
  • project (P);
  • working design (WD);
  • detailed design (DD).

The project is developed on the basis of a standard form approved by the customer. Design works are carried out with the use of modern specialized software in accordance with the approved list of sections:

  • technical and economic part;
  • technological part;
  • repair and storage facilities;
  • power supply and electrical equipment;
  • water supply and sewerage;
  • general plan and transportation;
  • organization of construction.

The list of the main works carried out by us is given below.

  1. Mineral resources development by open-cut method
  2. The development of watered and underwater mineral resources deposits